Mega Monster Enduro 100 Mile Race

| February 9, 2008 7:06 pm

by Franz Kelsch

Yesterday we competed in a 2008 Mega-Monster Enduro 100 mile bike race as part of a 3 man team with Franz K., Jim W. and Doug R.  We called ourselves the Wheezier Geezers, figuring we might be comptetitive if we narrorwed downt he calissifcation enough that we elminate all other competitors.  What other group would there be will all guys over 55 years old?  The course started at Paicines and went south on Highway 25 all the way to the end, then back again. 

We had a total of 101.9 miles and 4,600 feet of climbing.

It was a grueling pace, especially with the climbing we had to do.

Here are our stats for the four legs.

Leg Distance Climbing Avg. Speed
1 32.4 2080 18.3
2 18.5 475 20.6
3 18.5 730 19.5
4 32.4 1320 18.3
Total 101.9 4605 19.0

We averaged 19.0 mph rolling with a total time of 5:34:59 and a rolling time of about 5:23, so we only stopped for 12 minutes total. 

One Response to “Mega Monster Enduro 100 Mile Race”

Joe Farinha wrote a comment on February 10, 2008

Great Job!

I saw Doug at the store right after you came in, but never had the chance to congratulate you all.

I didn’t think there was that much climbing on that course!

Take care,