All Packed and Ready to Ride – Praire Dog

| October 2, 2008 9:19 pm

by Franz

I just finished getting everything ready for the 508.  I put reflective material on both bikes and packed up all the biking stuff.  I built a shelving unit for the back of the van so both Paul and I have our own plastic bin for our biking clothes.  I have my nutrition stuff in another plastic case and some bike parts in a 3rd small bin.  Ann baked some cookies for us to eat on the way day.  I did some updates to the website, the last chance to do so before we leave.  Check out the new team page.  From now on I will just be able to post blog entries and photos taken with my iPhone.

I also built a cage for the Igloo and will fasten it to the shelf unit as soon as they arrive tomorrow morning.

We will be on the bike in less than 36 hours now.  I hope the rain stays away.

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