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SJBC Team Time Trail

| December 8, 2008 4:09 pm

Instead of racing today I decided to be on the other side of the camera and photograph the San Jose Bicycle Club Four Person Team Time Trial.  At first I was not sure where to upload the photos since I usually put the personal photos on our own SmugMug account and the ACTC photos on the ACTC’s SmugMug account.  I decided to install Gallery2 on my website and put them there. [See Photos]

I also installed a sidebar to show the recent albums uploaded.  You can see that in the right side bar.

I can embed thumbnails of images from the Gallery 2 photo album into this blog post, as shown below.

4X TTT_DSC1809.jpg4X TTT_DSC1810.jpg4X TTT_DSC1812.jpg4X TTT_DSC1813.jpg4X TTT_DSC1818.jpg4X TTT_DSC1819.jpg4X TTT_DSC1821.jpg4X TTT_DSC1823.jpg