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Team Turbo Dog will Compete in the Hoodoo 500

| July 10, 2012 10:36 pm

Team Turbo Dog, a 4 person mixed relay team will compete in this year’s Hoodoo 500, a 519 mile race that starts in St. George, Utah. ¬†All riders and crew are members of the Almaden Cycle Tour Club, based in San Jose, CA.

Deb (rider) and David (rider) Hoag

Deb and David are veterans of the Hoodoo 500 (2010, 2011) where they competed on 2X teams and hold the records for 2X mixed team and 2X mixed tandem team. In 2011 they finished Race Across America, as part of a 8 tandem relay team, setting a record of less than 6 days. They are both finishers of the California Triple Crown stage race on their tandem, placing on the podium. They are California Triple Crown Winners for several years and have finished many double centuries, including the most difficult ones in California. For 2012 they will be racing on their single bikes as part of this 4X mixed team.

Lonni Goldman (rider)

This is is first time for Lonni to ride the Hoodoo 500. She has completed several double centuries and was one of only four female finishers of the 2012 Terrible Two which expeirenced a high DNF rate due to extreme heat. She is already a California Triple Crown Winner for 2012.

Franz Kelsch (rider)

Franz is a Furnace Creek 508 veteran after finishing on a 2X team (2007, 2008). He ia California Triple Crown Winner (2007 and 2008) and has completed other ultra distance events, including the Everest Challenge. He crewed for the Hoodoo 500 in 2009 and 2010. Franz has also run several marathons, including Chicago, Boston and St. George which runs down part of the final Hoodoo 500 route.

Guy Bautista (crew)

This is the first time crewing for Guy. He is planning on doing an ultra distance event like the Hoodoo 500 next year.