High Altitude Training

| August 19, 2012 11:46 am
High Altitude Training

David and Deb Hoag and Guy Batista arrived on Saturday evening from California so we had a chance to do some riding at high altitude.  On Sunday we drove up to Kamas and biked from there up the Mirror Lake highway.  At the summit the elevation is as high as you go on the Hoodoo 500.

David and Franz decided to go a bit further and biked down the far side a couple of miles to see Mirror Lake.

On Monday, while David needed to work, Anne and Franz on the tandem took Deb and Guy up the Alpine Loop.

The summit is not as high as the prior day, but still over 8,000 feet.

On Tuesday we decided to take a break from biking and do a hike.  It was a 1.5 mile high up over 1,000 feet to the entrance of Timponogos Cave.

That evening Franz and David biked over to the Utah Velo hill climb ride while Anne took Deb and Guy up the bike trail to Vivian Park.   On Wednesday it was just an easy ride.  With the Hoodoo 500 race starting in 48 hours, our training is over.

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