Shimano Di2 – Dura Ace 9070 vs Ultegra 6870 Weights

| November 7, 2014 7:26 am

During the process of buying a new bike, I decided to try electronic shifting this time. In the past I have always used Shimano Dura Ace mechanical components so I thought maybe I would order with Dura Ace Di2. However for the Trek Project One website, that change would cost nearly $2,000. With Di2, how much different could the shifting be? So it seemed that the only real gain you were getting was a weight saving. I decided I was not interesting in spending $2,000 to save one pound of weight. Someone then mentioned to me that half of that was the difference in the crankset. That got me curious so I did some research to find out where the weight differences were and how much each of those cost. Turns out upgrading the crankset would be poor investment. The prices are roughly what I could find buying the components online at discount and not the list price. You might find some prices even lower and can use that to make your own comparison. The weights were the best I could find, either on a vendor’s website or better if I could find some cyclist who actually weighed the component after they received it. For another view, this website lists many of the weights but came up with some numbers that a bit difference but the delta weights are in the same ball park. I didn’t try to figure out the difference in the wiring harness. The battery is the same between the two.

The dollars per lb weight saved are assuming you have not already invested in the Ultegra component. If you already have a new Ultegra 6800 crankset and are thinking to replace it with the Dura Ace 9000 to save some weight, it will cost you around $500 and you will only be saving about 60 grams.


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Rory wrote a comment on May 26, 2016

Thanks for the good advice. I ended up going mostly Ultegra Di2 disc with 1 upgrade to the Dura Ace chainset. I did not have either chainset so was selecting considering new vs new. In the end it came down to aesthetics on the chainset, quite simply I really like the look of the Dura ace but the Ultegra chainset not so much.