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Scouting the Hoodoo Route

| March 16, 2009 8:41 pm

3/16/09: Sheila and I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Utah to scout the route for the Hoodoo 500. It took us three days to drive what I hope to bike in less than two days. The only part of the route we could not drive was near Cedar Breaks at 10,000 feet where there was still 10 feet of snow. What I was most struck by was just how beautiful this entire course is. There was not 10 miles of the course that was not somehow stunning. I’m glad I got to see the whole course in the light since the next time I’m there, much of it will be at night.

The photos below are of us at Bryce Canyon and of our rental car blocked by the snow at Cedar Breaks.

Bryce CanyonBryce Canyon 2Snow at Cedar Breaks

At the Start – Praire Dog

| October 4, 2008 7:49 am

Franz is starting as the A rider at 9 am and will bike the 64 miles to California City. It is cloudy but no rain yet. Temperatures are about 60.

Finished Check-in – Praire Dog

| October 3, 2008 3:53 pm

We just finished check-in and the car inspection. Next is the riders meeting at 6:15 pm.

Second Mishap – Praire Dog

| 2:56 pm

On the drive down we heard some exploding sounds. When we arrived we discovered several of the cans of coke had exploded. They had been on top of the dry ice and had frozen!

First Mishap – Praire Dog

| 11:03 am

On the drive down Highway 5, Paul saw in his mirror one of his spare wheels fall of from the top of the van. We got off at the next exit and back tracked. We could not see it so pulled off at a reststop. We searched along the freeway and were about to give up when Sheila found the wheel. It appeared to have no damage.

We Are Off – Prarie Dog

| 9:48 am

We are on our way down to the ride start. Everyone is excited. Ann took our picture before we left.

One Day to Blast Off – Praire Dog

| 7:06 am

We will be leaving soon for Santa Clarita, the starting location of the Furnace Creek 508.  I got up this morning and the first thing to check was the weather forecast.  There is a slight improvement because the forecast for rain at the start is down from 70% to below 50%.   The storm is suppose to be towards the north but that is the initial direction of the route, inland but up towards Death Valley as shown here.

Last night I updated our time station goals.  We are hoping to take about 1.5 hours off of our 2007 time, which would be quite a challenge.  I show 45 minutes better than the time I took to reach Furnace Creek last year when I had to stop to recovery.  The other 45 minutes are spread around.  Here are the new forecasts.  Click on the table below view enlarged.

All Packed and Ready to Ride – Praire Dog

| October 2, 2008 9:19 pm

by Franz

I just finished getting everything ready for the 508.  I put reflective material on both bikes and packed up all the biking stuff.  I built a shelving unit for the back of the van so both Paul and I have our own plastic bin for our biking clothes.  I have my nutrition stuff in another plastic case and some bike parts in a 3rd small bin.  Ann baked some cookies for us to eat on the way day.  I did some updates to the website, the last chance to do so before we leave.  Check out the new team page.  From now on I will just be able to post blog entries and photos taken with my iPhone.

I also built a cage for the Igloo and will fasten it to the shelf unit as soon as they arrive tomorrow morning.

We will be on the bike in less than 36 hours now.  I hope the rain stays away.

Rain Rain Go Away – Prarie Dog

| 9:35 am

Yikes, the weather forecast for Saturday, the first day of the Furnace Creek 508 cycling race, shows cool temperatures and rain!  I know we need rain in California, but could it not just come one day early please!  Here are links for the weather:

It is not Thursday afternoon, less than 24 hours before the race.  If I look at  Santa Clarita, the start location, the high is now forecast at only 69 and a 70% chance of precipitation.

Franz is spending the day getting the bikes ready and all the other stuff in line.  We leave for Santa Clarita tomorrow morning.

Fremont Peak

| September 29, 2008 6:24 am

With my last big training ride over, I rode up Fremont Peak with some friends at an easy pace. I tested doing a blog entry and taking a couple of photos using the iPhone.